Yoga Teacher Training Immersions

Anita Sundaram has been leading YTT immersions since 2006.

Anita Sundaram, LE, E-RYT500
International Yoga teacher, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Spa Specialist, Guest YTT facilitator



Her teaching style is heart centered and rich with life experiences. She calls it “The Alchemy of Transformation” for anyone embarking on this journey.

Whether you want to be a teacher or embrace another way of living, we invite you to join one of these magical programs.

Yoga Teacher Training Immersions

The purpose of immersion trainings is
to discover, learn, and grow…

The opportunity to dive fully into a new way of being. In Sanskrit there is a word called Svadhyaya, meaning self-study. When we can completely embrace an experience for an extended period of time, get soaked in the knowledge it then becomes a habit and with this, transformation happens. We see another aspect of our-self, our true nature.

The program topics to be explored are Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Energetic Body, Ayurveda, Yoga of Sound, Meditation, Pranayama, Culture, Alignment, Self – Inquiry, Sutras and so much more!

It does not matter where you are in your path of life.

If you are completely brand new to yoga, a yoga instructor, or a seeker in personal growth,
this journey is for you.

Join me on one and let us ride the magic carpet together. It will change your life!

YTT Immersions – 2023 & 2024 dates

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Kerala – South India

300hr Yoga & Ayurveda Immersion

Mar 11 – Apr 4, 2024

Mystical Yoga Farm

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

Dec 1 – 21, 2023

Peru 300 Hour 2023

Peru, Sacred Valley

300hr Yoga & Ayurveda Immersion

September 2 – 22, 2024

Bali 300 Hour 2023

Costa Rica

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

Nov 30 – Dec 20, 2024

“Anita is a true inspiration to be around. As both her student and co-teacher, I am constantly learning from her as she embodies the practice of Yoga in her everyday life. Anita offers a wealth of knowledge with both humility and grace. It is an honor to learn from her, teach beside her and call her a friend in this life.”

~ Jeanine Talento
Yoga Instructor E-RYT 200 RYT 500/Facilitator for Sadhana Yoga School

“I am touched by you and the connection seems to be so effortless, comfortable and blissful as if I have known you forever. I bask in all the emotions of joy, expansion, love, and peace I felt during my teacher training.  We meet people in life that help us shape our destiny and often our future lives.  And you have done that for me.  I am finding so much joy in teaching yoga and meditation.  You are a great teacher who genuinely put in a lot more of your essence in teaching.”

~ Parminder
Fresno, California

“Anita, it was so incredible and inspiring meeting you and spending time with you in Bali. Learning from you was so beautiful! Thank you for all of your amazing kind encouraging support. You are such a gentle soul with a strong goddess nature which leaves me hoping to be a better person. Thank you for not only being my teacher but for becoming my friend!”
Love you! Xo

~ Racheal


“I feel incredible! Strong, happy, and really myself. It took going to Guatemala and learning all that we did, for me to recognize how much of my self-worth and self-love was tied up into other people, their actions and how I allowed outward energy to affect my inner state. It’s been freeing to reconnect with myself, and I’m noticing how much stronger, physically, emotionally, spiritually, I have become.

“Not only did you open my eyes to new ideas and practices, many of which I’ve adopted into my life, but also I so appreciated how caring you were for all of us in the program. We all need a mama, not just our own, from time to time, and you really were that for me!”

~ Lauren Friedman,
Author and Illustrator of “50 ways to wear a scarf”