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Anita has always connected to sacred rituals and believes the elements of true beauty are more than skin deep.

Anita’s professional career has been in the Luxury Spa Industry for over 30 years. She was a founding member of Aveda Corporation, a global lifestyle brand focusing on beauty, fashion, and wellness. As an international trainer, she has facilitated and launched countless luxury spas and retail locations all over the world. Anita has also hosted and led corporate retreats to inspire and motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Immerse yourself in the nourishing elixir of life and taste the magic of self-transformation.

As a licensed face & body therapist she offers healing sessions incorporating the magic of botanicals, essential oils, marma therapy and mantra to balance and heal the senses.

She offers her beauty services in Seal Beach, California by appointment only.

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“My 90 minute facial with Anita was really a full body sensory experience. Anita’s warmth and ability to create a peaceful grounding environment provide an immediate sense of relaxation. She quickly assessed my skincare needs and created a treatment plan. The incorporation of Ayurvedic practices and marma therapy allowed me to experience a deeper state of relaxation than I have in any other facial I have received. And, it lasted for several days afterwards!! I can’t recommend Anita’s services more highly!

What a beautiful journey of health, healing, relaxation, and beauty! Truly a soul nourishing experience!”

~ Karin R.

Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation

90 minutes $155

Ayurveda in India is the Science of Longevity and ancient wisdom that inspires positive health, natural beauty and long life. It is an intimate connection to beauty in its fullness, our vibrant life force called Rasa. Bhava is the Divinity within. Beauty from the inside out!

What makes this facial unexpected is the integration of polarity touch, use of marmas (vital energy points), customized aromatic essential oils that will deeply calm, refresh and re-energize your face and whole body.

The use of therapeutic power of botanicals and essentials oils nourish, heal and calm the skin and senses. Every experience is customized according to your specific skin type. Deep exfoliation and unique marma therapy work with dosha specific essential oils are used during your sublime massage movements. The potent regenerative properties of a healing mask is used leaving you skin hydrated, nourished and radiant! This holistic facial will support inner peace, physical relaxation and stress management.

To experience this treatment is to immerse oneself in the nourishing elixir of life and taste the magic of Transformation.


Health & Beauty Products by Anita

Ayurvedic Herbal Face Wash

4oz ~ $25

A blend of sandalwood, fragrant turmeric, lotus powder and lentils combined to make a wonderful and gentle face wash. Anita’s secret recipe will leave your skin radiant!

Ayurvedic Gum Health

2.5oz ~ $20

A specific blend of organic herbs such as triphala, clove and other proprietary herbs with bitter, pungent and astringent qualities, designed for maintaining gum health.

Tridoshic Digestive Tea

4oz ~ $26

A wonderful warming blend of organic spices to soothe and comfort a grumpy belly. The energetics of these spices helps dispel gas and bloating, relieves cramping and supports digestion.

Copper Tongue Cleaner

$10 each

Cleaning the tongue is one of the most important  routines to do daily!  Why not begin this Ayurvedic oral hygiene! Clean your tongue, brush teeth, massage gums & oil pull your way to dental health.


Ayurveda Resources

Paavani Ayurveda

“When it comes to Anita’s facial, I would like to rename it to “Spiritual Vacation and Physical Healing”. Anita is healer with a world of knowledge and experience. As an Ayurvedic Life Coach and Yoga master, Anita incorporates them all to bring calmness to the mind, cleansing to the body and healing to the spirit. Once the session is over, you suddenly wake up thinking what has just happened? Feeling rejuvenated, skin glowing and feeling youthful, physically light like a butterfly and ready to conquer the world. Thank you Anita for bringing light, love and healing to our Body, Mind and Spirit.”

~ Mariella, European Celebrity Hair Artist
Owner of La Vita Salon & Spa

The turmeric face wash has become part of my weekly skin-care routine. I will use it once or twice every week, especially the morning after I put acids or other abrasive things on my skin. I remember being in high school at a Mary Kay makeup party. Then, they were talking about how yellow can take redness out of the face. Well, this is nature’s yellow: turmeric. It’s good for inflammation and irritation. Sometimes I wear it as a mask for a few minutes. Sometimes I just wash my face with it. I love it!

~ Regan Tuttle

I’ve struggled with facial acne and acne scars for a long time, but the Radiant Scrub is the first thing that has truly helped my skin to start to heal. I use it twice a day, and it leaves my skin soft and glowing. I can’t say enough good things about this product – it has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin again.

~ Katie Carbonara


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If you’re interested in Anita’s beautiful services offered in a group setting (a ladies’ day of beauty, for example), please send her a message to inquire about rates and availability.