“I am touched by you and the connection seems to be so effortless, comfortable and blissful as if I have known you forever. I bask in all the emotions of joy, expansion, love, and peace I felt during my teacher training.  We meet people in life that help us shape our destiny and often our future lives.  And you have done that for me.  I am finding so much joy in teaching yoga and meditation.  You are a great teacher who genuinely put in a lot more of your essence in teaching.”

~ Parminder
Fresno, California

“Anita, it was so incredible and inspiring meeting you and spending time with you in Bali. Learning from you was so beautiful! Thank you for all of your amazing kind encouraging support. You are such a gentle soul with a strong goddess nature which leaves me hoping to be a better person. Thank you for not only being my teacher but for becoming my friend!”
Love you! Xo

~ Racheal


“Anita is a true inspiration to be around. As both her student and co-teacher, I am constantly learning from her as she embodies the practice of Yoga in her everyday life. Anita offers a wealth of knowledge with both humility and grace. It is an honor to learn from her, teach beside her and call her a friend in this life.”

~ Jeanine Talento
Yoga Instructor E-RYT 200 RYT 500/Facilitator for Sadhana Yoga School

“I feel incredible! Strong, happy, and really myself. It took going to Guatemala and learning all that we did, for me to recognize how much of my self-worth and self-love was tied up into other people, their actions and how I allowed outward energy to affect my inner state. It’s been freeing to reconnect with myself, and I’m noticing how much stronger, physically, emotionally, spiritually, I have become.

“Not only did you open my eyes to new ideas and practices, many of which I’ve adopted into my life, but also I so appreciated how caring you were for all of us in the program. We all need a mama, not just our own, from time to time, and you really were that for me!”

~ Lauren Friedman,
Author and Illustrator of “50 ways to wear a scarf”

“My 90 minute facial with Anita was really a full body sensory experience. Anita’s warmth and ability to create a peaceful grounding environment provide an immediate sense of relaxation. She quickly assessed my skincare needs and created a treatment plan. The incorporation of Ayurvedic practices and marma therapy allowed me to experience a deeper state of relaxation than I have in any other facial I have received. And, it lasted for several days afterwards!! I can’t recommend Anita’s services more highly!

What a beautiful journey of health, healing, relaxation, and beauty! Truly a soul nourishing experience!”

~ Karin R.

The turmeric face wash has become part of my weekly skin-care routine. I will use it once or twice every week, especially the morning after I put acids or other abrasive things on my skin. I remember being in high school at a Mary Kay makeup party. Then, they were talking about how yellow can take redness out of the face. Well, this is nature’s yellow: turmeric. It’s good for inflammation and irritation. Sometimes I wear it as a mask for a few minutes. Sometimes I just wash my face with it. I love it!

~ Regan Tuttle

I’ve struggled with facial acne and acne scars for a long time, but the Radiant Scrub is the first thing that has truly helped my skin to start to heal. I use it twice a day, and it leaves my skin soft and glowing. I can’t say enough good things about this product – it has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin again.

~ Katie Carbonara

“When it comes to Anita’s facial, I would like to rename it to “Spiritual Vacation and Physical Healing”. Anita is healer with a world of knowledge and experience. As an Ayurvedic Life Coach and Yoga master, Anita incorporates them all to bring calmness to the mind, cleansing to the body and healing to the spirit. Once the session is over, you suddenly wake up thinking what has just happened? Feeling rejuvenated, skin glowing and feeling youthful, physically light like a butterfly and ready to conquer the world. Thank you Anita for bringing light, love and healing to our Body, Mind and Spirit.”

~ Mariella, European Celebrity Hair Artist
Owner of La Vita Salon & Spa

When I first came to the farm I was very excited about finding out who my teachers for the training was. I was happily surprised when I met Anita.
Anita was instantly welcoming, loving and caring and I thought maybe that’s just the first impression, but after three weeks, spending every day with her, I realized that’s just the essence of Anita.
Her way of being is her best teaching. Sure, she has a lot of knowledge about the elements, chakras, mudras, asanas, meditation etc… But everyone can learn these things, but Anita is living the philosophy of yoga as well, which is truly inspiring. To see someone so focused on loving and caring for everyone around them and so excited about sharing her practice and knowledge is motivating beyond anything else. I felt safe to open up to anyone when Anita was there, she has an energy that is so comforting and makes you feel safe and cared for just by her mere presence.
~ Christian Andvig,
Teacher at Eight Treasures Yoga, Oslo, Norway

Anita is a skilled and transformational teacher. She holds her wisdom and grace lightly, completely confident in her craft as a teacher and healer. Not surprisingly her radiance of spirit shines through and she is engaging, full of integrity with a wonderful ability to connect with people at all levels on their journey.
I would not hesitate to recommend her talent to any industry as she will bring empowerment, warmth, growth, and sustainability of well-being to all her endeavors. A gorgeous woman.

~ Paula Pluck
Health and Well-being Director

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Anita’s Spirit is MAGIC! She is the epitome of Grace. She carries herself and teaches with such warmth and provides a safe space for everyone around her. She illuminates such inspiration and wisdom. She has helped me, guided me and showed me boundless and abundant love that words could never do justice. She is a light angel walking this earth. She has a nurturing Mothering Light that provides her students with a place to freely explore not only our lessons but ourselves. I’m beyond honored to have her has my teacher and to call her a Hero of mine. She is simply the epitome and vibration of (((LOVE)))
All my immense gratitude infinitely,

~ Shannon Rooney
Ayurveda student

I attended my first yoga class when I was 56 years old, recently widowed and suffering a great deal of pain, stiffness, and sorrow. Eighteen months later, I am a much healthier and happier person. I owe a great deal of that to Anita Sundaram.
Anita made me feel welcome and at ease in her class from my first day. She creates a peaceful and inviting environment to practice in. She recognizes her students’ limitations and helps us to get the most from her lessons, both physically and mentally.
The one thing I always tell people about Anita as an instructor is, she is always happy to be there teaching us. Her joy in her practice and our progress is felt by each of us and keeps us returning.
~ Gail Reynolds
Long Beach, CA

You were a profound inspiration to me in Guatemala. Even though I don’t practice a similar style of yoga, I have a deep respect for your spirituality and I think I just express it in a different way, a way that feels genuine to me – maybe with softness and stillness. And I don’t think I knew what either of those things were before I started training with you!
There are lessons you taught me that still pop into my head. Like, stop trying to work out the “right” way to do something, Life isn’t so black and white!
~ Abi Carver,
Founder of Yoga 15

I did my 200hr YTT with School Yoga Institute Fiji program in 2013, under the direction of Facilitator Anita Sundaram. Anita is a beautiful soul, who opened up the world of yoga to me through her extensive knowledge of the Yoga Sutras and Ayurveda. Her ability to articulate and relate these topics to make them accessible for each student is remarkable, and she does it all with grace, beauty, and an open mind. Anita teaches from her heart, and with true passion for yoga. She truly embodies a yogi, radiating love and wisdom through a humble heart. I am very blessed to call her my teacher. Peace & blessings, namaste.
~Ashley “Bad Ash” Davis
Brand & Marketing Manager – Down the Hatch Maui & Breakwall Shave Ice Co.

Anita Sundaram is a very poised, soft spoken, beautiful, patient, graceful, kind & loving person. You can tell by the way she carries herself that she is a goddess & a peace warrior & it is clear that she has many, many years of yoga training & practice under her belt.
I have always wanted to learn yoga. I have friends who practice & teach yoga but I was never really inspired to actually take a class until I started to get to know Anita. I knew that if I was ever going to learn yoga I would want her to be the one to teach me how. Last week I received an invitation from Anita to take her restorative yoga class. So I went ( my first real official yoga class ) & she was such a wonderful teacher just as I knew she would be.The entire room was filled with peace, love, light, nice people, kindness & wonderful calm, peaceful, gentle energy. I felt extremely comfortable there & was amazed at how truly powerful yoga really is & am very impressed by the results I received inwardly, outwardly, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I loved it & I have never felt so relaxed, centered, still & balanced in my entire life. It was truly astonishing. I’d walked into the class feeling like Humpty Dumpty but when I walked out I felt as though I had been completely put back together again & perfectly. I even felt taller & my posture was straighter when I left. I look forward to Anita’s next class!
~ Lisa Salamon,
Seal Beach, CA