“When you taste the Rasa of Life you drink from a well that is never dry” ~ R. Svoboda
Anita Sundaram helps individuals discover their true nature by offering empowering and transformative educational tools and sacred heart felt experiences through the lens of Ayurveda, Yoga, and beauty rituals.

The intention of this website is to light the flame of the heart and embody the sacredness in everything that life has to offer. May this be a catalyst for you to explore and uncover the deepest nature of Self. You will find educational modules and lifestyle workshops for everyone, from aspiring yoga teachers to individuals working in a corporate setting, anyone new and interested in this type of work and seekers of personal growth.

SADHANA + SANKALPA ~ Practices with Intention.

The ancient scriptures of Yoga and Ayurveda speak to this learning as a Lifestyle.

What we do on a daily basis will make a difference.

The more we can tap into our true nature we can begin to live a life of contentment, peace and Joy. We can begin to look at everything in life as Sacred including ourselves. These time honored practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, Beauty and Sacred healing tools then become a way of life. We begin to live as a whole in the influence of vibrant health, awakened mind and ananda (bliss).

Anita Sundaram

is an International Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher, Lifestyle and Beauty Expert, Corporate wellness educator and E-RYT 500, dedicated to inspiring individuals to discover and follow the calling of the heart and path to inspired living through Yoga, Ayurveda, Beauty and all that is Sacred.

“The Art of Sacred Living” is Anita’s life’s work.

Anita offers transformational educational courses, programs, workshops and services.

YTT Immersions

Whether you want to be a teacher or embrace another way of living, we invite you to join one of these magical programs.

Lifestyle Workshops

As a dedicated teacher to the path of Yoga, Ayurveda and Sacred Beauty for over 30 years, Anita’s workshops are informative, inspirational and heartfelt.

Beautiful Services

As a licensed face & body therapist she offers healing sessions incorporating the magic of botanicals, essential oils, marma therapy and mantra to balance and heal the senses.

Recent News

Self care is a journey into the self. It is an essential aspect of wellness and holistic living. What we mean by that is through the process of self care, we re learn and awaken our ability to heal ourselves. We believe within every individual, lies the power to heal and be healed. ...

We are astonishing spirit beings, but have forgotten the way, and need to learn to attune to our instruments again. How does sound relate to this? Sound gets us out of the mind and into our heart space. Have you been somewhere and just belted out a song knowing you were the only person around! How di...

SATYAM. SHIVAM. SUNDARAM Wherever pure knowledge and happiness is, there lies beauty In India with all the mythological figures and deities in my tradition there is one in particular that stands out. A goddess that has eight arms adorned in jewels and is sitting gracefully on top of a fierce ti...