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Anita has been a dedicated teacher to the path of Yoga, Ayurveda and Sacred Beauty for over 30 years.

Her teachings are informative, inspirational and heartfelt. Anita’s international work and learning from many sacred traditions offers participants a rich tapestry for teaching.  Her passion for helping people discover their true essence is a gift. Anita not only teaches the lifestyle, she also lives it.  

All of the workshops below are offered in any teaching venue, wellness retreat, or yoga studio. Contact Anita if you are interested in adding these enriching workshops into your programs.

Learning never ends, right?

The greatest gift for personal evolution on this journey is self-study, called Svadhyaya in Sanskrit.  The opportunity to explore, discover and experience something that elevates the spirit. The knowledge that takes you to from the ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY… Now that’s the Alchemy of Transformation.

These workshops are for anyone and everyone who have the thirst for knowledge. Come explore, play, and learn. Be careful… You may make this a lifelong habit!

Lifestyle Workshops


Sacred Scents for Life

1 Day Workshop

The life force of plants can be a healing friend for you. In this workshop, we will take you on a journey of the senses. You will smell, pour and blend your own personal elixirs to take home. Explore various botanicals and learn about essential oils for self-care, Beauty rituals for skin, bath, the home, meditation and overall well-being.

Join me on this sensorial journey and discover the magical world of plant essences.

Radiant Beauty ~ Ageless Beauty

Beauty is more than skin deep.

1 Day or Weekend Workshop

“Beauty is not just in the face, beauty is a light in the heart” ~ Khalil Gibran

In this workshop, you will discover and take home self-care practices for lasting beauty through the lens of Ayurveda.
You will discover Beauty rituals for skin, body, hair as well as balancing rituals for the mind and emotions.

Join me on this enriching workshop, beauty from the inside out!

Restorative Yoga

Calm Body ~ Peaceful mind ~ Joyful Heart

90 Minutes

To reconnect with our inner state of peace takes practice.

Restorative Yoga offers us this practice! The ability to let go, be still and drop inward.
We will visit a few postures, utilizing props (blankets, bolsters etc.) to support the body and mind. You will soon discover in this stillness there is room for clarity, expansion and the opportunity for tremendous healing.

Embody the Sacred Feminine

Revealing your true divinity

1 Day or Weekend Workshop

Simple sacred beauty. This workshop is all about discovering, empowering, and honoring the sacred feminine. Drawing on the wisdom of the Chakras, plant medicine, breath, mantra and organic beauty rituals we dance into the Essence of sensuality and Shakti~ness.

Join Anita on this amazing discovery of you!

Yoga Shodhana

The Ayurveda Detox practice

3.5 hours

Shodhana in the language of Ayurveda means to purify and cleanse. This 3.5 hour dynamic Rasa Yoga practice is designed to support the seasonal qualities of new beginnings, transformation, and detox. Benefits of this practice include: improved digestion, sound sleep, balanced energy, glowing skin and purified body and mind!

I attended my first yoga class when I was 56 years old, recently widowed and suffering a great deal of pain, stiffness, and sorrow. Eighteen months later, I am a much healthier and happier person. I owe a great deal of that to Anita Sundaram.
Anita made me feel welcome and at ease in her class from my first day. She creates a peaceful and inviting environment to practice in. She recognizes her students’ limitations and helps us to get the most from her lessons, both physically and mentally.
The one thing I always tell people about Anita as an instructor is, she is always happy to be there teaching us. Her joy in her practice and our progress is felt by each of us and keeps us returning.
~ Gail Reynolds
Long Beach, CA

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